Pari Tibba (A haunted hill)

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Continue reading & explore the mysterious hill of Uttrakhand - Pari Tibba
To reach somewhere, first leave behind the fear of getting lost

Pari Tibba, a world which is known to only those who read and feel Ruskin Bond’s books. In his books, he has mentioned this hilltop as beautiful and mysterious as a flower bloomed on earth for the first time.


A world, known to only a handful of people and touched by as less as fingers of your hands and feet. That is the beauty of Pari Tibba, an unexplored paradise close to queen of hills Mussourie.

Located close to Landour, this hilltop is part of the Mussoorie district of Uttrakhand. within 50km from the state capital Dehradun which is well connected with roads, railways and all the major airports of India.

Some roads lead to destinations and some leads to happiness

How to reach : Starting from Dehradun, follow the Mussoorie highway. After driving for 35km from Dehradun ISBT, you will see a signage board mentioning 4km for Mussorie with left arrow, keep straight and after driving for a few kilometers towards Dhanaulti, you will see a staircase leading to Woodstalk school property, on your right you will find a small check post of private guards who will be guarding a narrow and steep road going downhill. This narrow and steep road leads to “Dhobhi Gaaon”(village where every house seems to be in business of Laundary). If you are a novice driver for hills, I would suggest not to drive down this lane. Park somewhere and start your walk for Pari tibba from there itself. It will be a walk of approx 2 hours. The pathway is beautiful, less travelled and you will find a chance to interact with the innocent cute villagers and kids while treading. Remember, that’s how Mr. Ruskin Bond had found out Pari Tibba.

A tiny village of linens (Dhobhi Gaaon)

If you possess some driving skills and hilly roads excite you, keep driving downhill (uphill drive while returning back on this road may seem dangerous to you but trust me it is easier than downhill drive on this narrow lane). The cars reach easily up to Dhobhi gaaon and can go 1km further as well depending on the condition of the road. I parked at Dhobhi gaaon as it was monsoon and road was dicey. This village will mesmerize you with the fact that the entire village works as a huge laundry serving to hundreds of hotels of Mussoorie and surrounding touristry places. Wherever your eyeballs move, you will see white sheets and colorful apparels of tourists feeding this tiny village. Roofs, lawns, streets even windows are covered with these clothes. Spend few minutes with this mesmerizing view, talk to some villagers and prepare your mini kit for the trek(jungle walk).

After walking for 1km from Dhobhi gaaon on concrete path, you will see a path leaving the main road and entering the woods. Check your camera/phone batteries and get ready to click the wilderness of nature. You are about to come across things which you would not have seen earlier or you rarely come across. Walk slowly, observe around you and hear the silence of the jungle, snoring of trees, party popper insects and chatterbox birds. I found out these creatures on my way.


You will find many diversions/trails on your way. Though most of them lead to the tibba, the easiest way to reach is to keep LEFT and move upward. you will find ruins of steps, keep walking on these steps and it will lead you to a gate protecting nothing.

Trespass this gate (at your own risk), after 100 meters, you will find an abandoned structure. This structure which looks like a house is a temple constructed by the village trust where locals worship and organize Bhandara on special occasions. This place may look scary to you but that’s what all abandoned places look like, isn’t it? I found this place cute and beautiful. The hilltop is covered with wildflowers. There’s also a man made well which now acts as rainwater accumulater. The backside of the temple overlooks the valley. The constant formation of clouds and fog in this valley will make you believe that Mr Ruskin Bond was right about this place. This place certainly has unknown reasons to attract beyond average thunderstorms and lightning. There are ruins of old houses which signify that in older times, there was a village located here.

The only place on earth where life cannot reach is NOWHERE

If you stroll further on the hilltop, you will find ruins of many houses built with rocks and mortar. I found 5 and all of them were destroyed beyond the level of recognition (by the thunderstorms as per Mr. Ruskin Bond’s books) .

Some pictures from the trek route (Let me know in comments, if you like them)

You are never alone. If you ever feel that you are, remind yourself and look around.

Don’t expect, just offer what you can
Smile in every situation, that’s what flowers do
Deep inside the jungle where you find no one around, there you find light
Grasses grow anywhere and everywhere, so does wisdom


Route: Delhi-Dehradun-Mussoorie highway-Dhanaulti Highway-Dhobhi gaaon-Pari Tibba

Trek from Dhanaulti Highway: 2Hours (approx 6km)

Trek from Dhobi gaaon: 1 hour (approx 3km)

Level of Trek – Easy

Green is the color of life

Things to Carry: Water, snack munching, packed lunch, mosquito creams, lighter/matchbox, first aid kit, an umbrella or Poncho and a Camera with tripod.

Clothing: Wear boots (if monsoon), the jungle becomes a paradise for leeches during this season, or normal trek/sports shoes with good grips, full sleeves Tshirt/shirt. A cap (it’s handy and may save you from sunlight if the Sun is strong on your travel day. An extra jacket (temperature may fall steeply at tibba due to clouds/fog).

Things to do after Pari Tibba Trek

  • If you can spend more days, head towards Nag tibba (read in upcoming blog)
  • Meet Mr. Ruskin Bond in the famous Cambridge Book Depot on Mussoorie Mall road
  • Drive to Dhanaulti and enjoy the stretch and feeling of sudden cold due to height of Dhanaulti
  • Visit the waterfall of Dhanaulti and tread inside the jungle to enter a world as astonishing as you would have seen in the movie – AVATAR

View from Pari Tibba


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4 thoughts on “Pari Tibba (A haunted hill)

  1. Beautiful pictures and thanks for sharing an unexplored destination. One should always take an unexplored path.


    1. Welcome to the blogging world and an amazing first blog!!! Felt as if I was reading a novel and the pictures captured were too good!!! Keep it up bro!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I surely want to visit pari tibba. Your blog is very good. Only I fear that if there are wild animals in jungle,as you have not mentioned that.


    1. Hi Pratibha, this area is close to the crowded village and wild animals stay away from people. No news of sighting wild animals is noticed in recent history and even I didn’t encounter any animal. So, it’s a safe trail.


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