Handsome Mushroom

Hey Mushroom, Hey mushroom,
You are so handsome,
like a groom,
Soft and shiny is your skin,
You were not tiny in my dream.

Pink head, white leg,
Don’t be afraid,
I am not threat,
Rainy day and here you peep,
Rest of the days,
where do you sleep?

Dear friends,
Meet my pal,
Sing a song,Dance ding dong,
Make him smile,
Hey Mushroom, Hey mushroom,
You are so handsome,
Like a groom!


Published by HimalayanDrives

While living in a city, I often escaped to the mountains to keep a balance within me. These short visits to the Himalayas and a journey of 100 days in Himachal brought me closer to nature and I started listening to the whispers of nature. This page is about converting those whispers to words and carry nature's message for all. I mostly travel solo but sometimes organise trekking camps for people who want to reach closer to nature. Join me for these trips and explore the unexplored.

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