Hampta Pass Trek

If you opt for this trek, you need to pledge that you will keep the Himalayas clean and green and won’t let any plastic behind during the trek and camp!

Help us to clean the plastic around campsites (which our team will bring back to base camp).
Himalayas are no littering zone. Let’s keep it as beautiful as the nature offered it to us.

Page Summary

  1. About
  2. What will you experience during the trek?
  3. The Best month for Hampta Pass
  4. Dates for the upcoming trek
  5. Itinerary
  6. Budget, Amenities & Cancellation
  7. Who should do this trek
  8. Things to carry
  9. Covid-19 protocol
  10. Why trek with the HimalayanDrives team


If you are familiar with trekking in India, you must have heard about the Hampta Pass Trek. The most popular trek route among trekkers of India and foreigners who travel to India for experiencing the purest form of nature. 

If Hampta Pass Trek is new to you, let me summarise it in six words “Valley of flowers in Himachal Pradesh”. 

Hampta pass trek connects two beautiful but contrasting valleys of Himachal – Kullu valley & Lahaul Valley. The Kullu valley is known for its green lustre, natural flower orchids, meadows and dense forests. The Lahaul Valley is known as no vegetation land. It looks like stark grey colour in summers and a white blanket of snow covers in winters. 

The trek route passes through a narrow & rocky valley of Pir Panjal range. Another well-known pass to this range is Rohtang pass which has a motor road. This route was developed by shepherds in ancient times when they had to move their cattle from snow-covered Lahaul valley to the meadows of Kullu for grazing. Hampta pass inherits its name from the ‘village Hampta’ near Manali which is the most favourite hill station in India.

The best part of this trek is that it ends near the most beautiful lake of Himachal – Chandertal Lake. So you enjoy trekking, a glacial lake, offroad driving, snow and a mini-tour of Spiti valley.

Region : Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Duration: 6Days / 5 Nights

Trek Length: 35Km

Maximum Elevation: 14,000 Feet

Difficulty Level: 4days of easy hiking and 1 day of moderately steep hike

Group Size : 10 Persons

How to reach: Manali is well connected with Chandigarh & Delhi by overnight Volvo buses and the nearest airport is 2 hours away in Kullu

Page summary

The meadows of Kullu valley

What will you experience in this trek ?

  • Most beautiful drive and hiking of your life amid the thick forest of Pines, Oak and Walnut 
  • Culture of Himachal preserved in the old villages nestled in high mountains
  • Green carpet meadows spread till your eyes can wander on
  • Seasonal wildflowers river delta which you may mistake as a beach and the snow walks near the pass
  • Several small and big streams based on the month of your trek
  • Stark white and grey Lahaul 
  • A peaceful afternoon at the most pristine lake of Himachal – Chandertal lake
  • An adventurous drive of Rohtang pass


Chandertal Lake

The Best month for Hampta Pass

Hampta pass remains open between June to October and stays covered with snow for the rest of the year. Every month has its charm and beauty in this trek. 

  • June: If you want to experience a snow trek 
  • July: If you want to experience the valley filled with wildflowers
  • August: If you want to experience lush green and monsoon trek
  • September: If you want to experience a clear sky and Autumn vibes (Temperature may fall below 0 degrees)
  • October: If you want to experience a clear sky and snowfall trek (For only experienced trekkers )


Dates for the upcoming trek

  • 26th June (Sun) to 1st Jul (Fri)

  • 9th July (Sat) to 14th July (Thu)

  • 13th Aug (Sat) to 18th Aug(Thu)

Leave from your city on 30th July night (Friday), reach Manali on Saturday, rest for half a day

Departure from Jagatsukh village near Manali by noon on 1st August

Reach back to Manali on 6th Evening (Friday), head back to your city and rest over the weekend and cherish your trek moments

  • 15th August (Sun) to 20th August (Fri)

Leave from your city on 13th night (Friday), reach Manali on Saturday, rest for half a day

Departure from Jagatsukh village near Manali by noon on 15th August

Reach back to Manali on 20th Evening (Friday), head back to your city and rest over the weekend and cherish your trek moments


  • There should be a minimum of 8 people to execute this trek
  • A special date plan can be selected if you are in group



The assembly point is Jagatsukh village in Manali which is 15km from Volvo bus stand

Day 1: Drive from Jagasukh to Jobra and hike to CAMPSITE 1 – Chhika. Experience the never before seen drive stretch where you gain an elevation of 1000m in less than an hour and trek in a dense forest

Day 2: Trek begins at 8 am post breakfast and end at the CAMPSITE 2 – Jawara by lunch. Experience the mini forests, small streams, green meadows and camping near a giant waterfall/stream.

Day 3: Trek begins at 8 am post breakfast and end at the CAMPSITE 3 – Baalu Ghera by lunch. Experience the river crossing, the challenge of boulders, small streams, and camping near a stream.

Day 4: Trek begins at 8 am post breakfast and end at the CAMPSITE 4 – Shia Goru. Experience the thrill of crossing the Hampta Pass at 14,000Feet, skiing on snow while descending and camping on a riverbank amid a valley filled with wildflowers.

Day 5: Trek begins with a river crossing and ends at base camp Chhatru. 2 hours offroad Drive to Chandertal in the pickup vehicle and stay at CAMPSITE 5 – Chhatru

Day 6: Drive back to Jagatsukh via Rohtang pass. Experience the adventurous drive of Lahaul valley and the high pass drive of Rohtang.

Note : The itinerary is subject to climatic condition on that particular day


The view you will see on Day 1

The view you will see on Day 2

The view you will see on Day 3
The view, you will see on Day 4

The view you will see on Day 5

The view you will see on Day 6 (Lahaul Valley)

Our journey will end like this @ Chandertal Lake

Budget, Amenities & Cancellation

Price: INR 9,000 /- 

What’s included :

  • All required licenses for trek and campsites
  • 2 Professional guides & 1 Trek Manager
  • Emergency equipment & basic First Aid
  • Bridge tents with triple sharing
  • Sleeping Bags with personal inner layers
  • Mules and horses to carry the tents, sleeping bags & kitchen material
  • All 3 meals, evening Tea/snacks
  • Portable dry toilets
  • Transportation till Jorba
  • Transportation for Chandertal lake from Sarchu and return to Manali

Extra facilities that can be arranged : 

  • If you don’t want to carry your baggage, it can be carried on mules for an extra charge of INR 1000 with max weight of 8kg
  • For camera equipment, a dedicated porter can be arranged @ INR 5000 /- bag
  • For these services, one need to inform at least 2 days before the trek begins


Cancellation policy

  1. 21 days before Trek begins – Handling charges of INR500 will be deducted
  2. 15 Days before Trek begins – Booking charges of INR1500 will be deducted
  3. 10 Days before the Trek begins – Cancellation charges of INR5500 will be deducted
  4. Last 7 Days – No refund


  • All medical ailments should be declared before the trip
  • Any kind of food allergies should be notified beforehand
  • Any unforeseen weather condition or Covid-19 lockdown may lead to the cancellation of this trek
  • In case of cancellation by us, the complete amount will be refunded 


Who should do this trek

  • Beginners for the trek – Hampta Pass is an easy to moderate trek and beginners can do it too 
  • Experienced trekkers – If you are a trekking enthusiast and looking for a trek with a mix of all the benefits of treks
  • Nature and peace lovers – If you want to experience the places which you have seen only in documentaries or movies like Into the wilds
  • Self healer – If you want to test your stamina and endurance (Trekking is not about the strength or weight of a person, it is about the willpower and stamina of a person) At the end of this trek, you will start loving yourself much more than before
  • Photographers – If the beauty of nature allures you and wake up the photographer inside you, this is the best suitable trek for you
  • Book Readers – Imagine yourself sitting on a huge rock, the wind is gushing through your hair, the only sound you hear is a 
  • Star Gazers – Far away from light pollution, sleeping under the sky filled with as many stars as droplets in a thundering river, an arch of storms, stars and dreams pausing over your head to showcase you the most beautiful thing in the world -GALAXY


Things to carry

Trek Gears :

  • Trekking bag of 40 to 60 Ltr with rain cover
  • A handy sling bag 
  • Trekking Shoes with good grips 
  • Floaters / light weight slippers
  • Trekking Pole
  • Tennis Cap
  • Poncho
  • Sunglasses with UV protection
  • Bluetooth earplugs (speakers are not allowed)
  • Powerbank

Clothes :

  • Full Sleeve T-shirts (preferably dry fit & collared) – 3
  • Trekking Pants – 2 
  • Light weight sweater – 1
  • Fleece jacket – 1
  • Socks – 2 pairs of cotton, 1 pair of woolen
  • Hand Towel – 1 
  • Puffer Jacket (down jacket) – 1
  • Gloves – 1 pair (lightweight)
  • Underwear – 3 (at-least)
  • Woollen Cap (for night)

Personal Care Items :

  • Toiletry Kit
  • Moisturiser
  • Sunscreen (Sunlight on mountains is strong and tend to cause sunburn)
  • Toilet paper roll
  • Paper napkins

Emergency Medicines :

  1. Diamox: For mountain sickness   
  2. Combiflam: It is a pain reliever for your muscles at the day end
  3. Avomine: For motion sickness. Pop one, a half hour before you start your road journey.
  4. Digene: Elevation often cause indigestion and gastric
  5. ORS: This should be your must-have on every trip
  6. Knee Brace: Backup for knee pain
  7. Moov/Volini
  8. Hot Bandage


Covid-19 Protocol

Your health is our priority. The guidelines below are to ensure your safety. Oxygen levels decrease at height and your situation may deteriorate far rapidly than in plains. There won’t be any phone signal or medical help during the trek. Please follow these guidelines to keep yourself safe

  • As per current guidelines of Himachal government, RT-PCR report or e-pass is not mandatory to visit Himachal but if guidelines change, one needs to adhere to that
  • Patient with fever or cold is not allowed for the trek
  • RT-PCR Negative Certificate: You are exempted only if you’ve had two doses of vaccine or were infected with COVID-19 in the last three months (proof needed)


Why Trek with the HimalayanDrives Team

Support Locals – Team members are local resident of Bhanara village (a traditional village of Kullu) who are directly paid through this trek. We don’t organise treks for profit making but to support villagers and to induce closeness among outsiders and Himachal people

We believe in small group – Mostly trek groups are huge and have a group of 25-30 people + staff. We believe that if you are trekking, you want to stay away from crowd, so why trek with crowd?

Trained guide – In the wilderness, your guide is your only hope and your hope should be strong and reliable. Our guides are experienced, trained and certified

Real experience of Himalayas – Do not just visit, roam around and click pictures during your mountain trips. Learn, experience and increase your knowledge about mountains. It will help you in future treks too.

Same minded people on the trek – The group is selected carefully and we ensure that only nature and peace-loving people join this trek


Trek Manager

Dheeraj Jha – He has been exploring the Himalayas for the last 4 years and has trekked to several moderate and difficult treks in Himachal/Uttrakhand. Hampta pass, Manimahesh trek, Shreekhand Mahadev, Brahmtal are a few of those. Himalayas is his muse and he spends most of his time exploring nature and trek routes.

Trek Leader & Trek Guide

Tharban Thakur – A core pahaadi by nature and born skills of a trekker, he holds a certified degree in mountaineering too. He has worked with leading trek companies in India. With an experience of 10 years, he has handled several group treks of more than 50 people at a time and completed many expeditions in the Himalayas. Whether they are kids, old age, first-time trekkers or foreigners, he knows how to help his group achieve their targets even in adverse conditions. Tharban has done the Hampta Pass Trek more than 25 times and knows every stream and crossing of Hampta Pass Trek by heart.

For more details, follow Instagram stories of himalayandrives & lostinwoodscamp

For Booking

Dial / Whatsapp:

9873993129 Dheeraj Jha

9816825092 Tharban Thakur






Let’s explore paradise together!



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While living in a city, I often escaped to the mountains to keep a balance within me. These short visits to the Himalayas and a journey of 100 days in Himachal brought me closer to nature and I started listening to the whispers of nature. This page is about converting those whispers to words and carry nature's message for all. I mostly travel solo but sometimes organise trekking camps for people who want to reach closer to nature. Join me for these trips and explore the unexplored.

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