Himalayan Calendar 2023

It is said that our dreams are the gateways to the metaphysical world. A dream can transfer you from your bedroom to a dreamy place. But wait.. what do you see in your dreams?? As per bio-physics, our mind can create only those scenes in our dreams that we have experienced already or seen somewhereContinue reading “Himalayan Calendar 2023”

Bhrigu Lake Trek

Duration:  3 Nights/4 Days Manali-Kulang Nallah – Mori Thatch – Bota Dug – Bhrigu Lake – Vashisth Hot Springs Brief Details Trek Level: Easy to moderate Trek Distance: 26 km Summers on plains are the time of heat waves and suffering while for mountains, summers mean an opportunity to visit places that remain hidden andContinue reading “Bhrigu Lake Trek”

Lost in Woods Camp

Millions of beautiful places in India & you are still staring at the four walls of your room?
Do you love snow but the only icy thing that you can touch lies in your freezer?
Do you love twinkling stars more than club lights?
Do you want to celebrate the beginning of the year 2022 but not with loud music in a crowded place?
Do you want to travel to the mountains but feel that Manali, Kasol, Bir, Shimla are as overcrowded as your city?
Do crowded hotels & tourist places are robbing you of the feelings of being in the lap of nature?
Then  LOST IN WOODS camp is for you!