Ghepan Lake Trek (The Longest Lake of Himachal)

The beauty of the trek lies not just in the destination – Ghepan lake but the entire route stitches the pieces of beauty together in the form of a jewel. The Gaddi community (shepherds) you will encounter on the way will take you back to the times of nomadic life. Their tentative houses of stones made without any mortar will leave you contesting the greatest engineers of modern times. The green pastures of plain land at an elevation of 11,000 Ft and the dry terrain of the surrounding mountain peaks will give you a glimpse of Tibet.

मेरी खिड़की

मेरे मन में ख़याल आता है कि अरे! मैं रंगों को छू सकता हूँ। मारे ख़ुशी के मैं सारे कपड़े उतार देता हूँ और अपने पूरे शरीर पर रंगों की धारियाँ को छूने लगता हूँ। मेरा रोम रोम सात रंगो की धारियों से भरा पड़ा है। मैं समझ नहीं पाता कि मैंने रंगों को ओढ़ लिया है या मैं खुद रंगों से बना हूँ। 

The soul of a tree

The aforementioned tree grew concerned now and started paying attention and affection to the last apple. Each of them grew fond of each other with the passing time and shared their silent moments with each other. The last apple adhered to his parent when clouds thundered in the sky. The tree hid this apple in the embrace of his leaves when visitors arrived. The apple climbed and sat on the shoulder of the tree when someone appeared to steal him.

Kareri Village – A nest of Humans

There are hundreds of places that haven’t seen crowds or noise yet. These places are as beautiful as Manali, Mcleodganj, Kasol, Mussourie used to be decades ago. Move away from the highway and travel on unexplored roads. These roads lead you to the hidden paradise of mountains.

Hampta Pass Trek

People say our acts should lead us to heaven when we die. I believe we should act in a way that we see heaven while we live. This trek is one of those acts. Join me to see paradise with your eyes.


इस success के बारे में इतना सुन चुका था कि मैंने भी ठान ली, एक दिन success को पाकर ही रहूँगा और तब सारे सवाल सक्सेस से पूछूँगा। मैंने सवालों के सिलसिले को थामा और लग गया कमाने में, सक्सेस को पाने में।

Lost in Woods Camp

Millions of beautiful places in India & you are still staring at the four walls of your room?
Do you love snow but the only icy thing that you can touch lies in your freezer?
Do you love twinkling stars more than club lights?
Do you want to celebrate the beginning of the year 2022 but not with loud music in a crowded place?
Do you want to travel to the mountains but feel that Manali, Kasol, Bir, Shimla are as overcrowded as your city?
Do crowded hotels & tourist places are robbing you of the feelings of being in the lap of nature?
Then  LOST IN WOODS camp is for you!

Shimla – The lost paradise

The recent pandemic made me travel to Shimla as the rest of the Himachal was closed for tourists. I went there only for a week but stayed for 3 weeks. My perspective about the beauty and charm of the queen of hills changed again. The old is gold theory proved to be 0right. I had seen more than 50 places in Himachal but Shimla has its own charm. The mix of urban and rural life, the facilities of cities adjoined with peace of mountains is what makes Shimla unique. My friends helped me to explore some places in and around which are known to only natives. These unexplored places for tourists still retain the heart of the hill station. In this blog, I will share about those places.

Shali Tibba – A Peak hanging from the sky

Nature gifted humans all the powers but to fly. We can run like tigers, climb on trees like monkeys, swim like fishes, evolve like apes but we cannot fly. Humans held a desire since his origin to rise above and watch the beautiful earth from the top. We even sometimes curse nature for depriving usContinue reading “Shali Tibba – A Peak hanging from the sky”

Barot Village

A hidden gem of Himachal – Barot If you are reading about Barot, you would have already covered most of the popular places of Himachal Pradesh and got bored with all those commercialized, crowded hill stations. Yes, that is how I found Barot. After traveling to Manali, McLeodganj, Dalhousie, Kasol, Chail, Kasauli, and almost everyContinue reading “Barot Village”