Himalayan Calendar 2023

It is said that our dreams are the gateways to the metaphysical world. A dream can transfer you from your bedroom to a dreamy place. But wait.. what do you see in your dreams?? As per bio-physics, our mind can create only those scenes in our dreams that we have experienced already or seen somewhereContinue reading “Himalayan Calendar 2023”

Ghepan Lake Trek (The Longest Lake of Himachal)

The beauty of the trek lies not just in the destination – Ghepan lake but the entire route stitches the pieces of beauty together in the form of a jewel. The Gaddi community (shepherds) you will encounter on the way will take you back to the times of nomadic life. Their tentative houses of stones made without any mortar will leave you contesting the greatest engineers of modern times. The green pastures of plain land at an elevation of 11,000 Ft and the dry terrain of the surrounding mountain peaks will give you a glimpse of Tibet.