Bhrigu Lake Trek

Duration:  3 Nights/4 Days Manali-Kulang Nallah – Mori Thatch – Bota Dug – Bhrigu Lake – Vashisth Hot Springs Brief Details Trek Level: Easy to moderate Trek Distance: 26 km Summers on plains are the time of heat waves and suffering while for mountains, summers mean an opportunity to visit places that remain hidden andContinue reading “Bhrigu Lake Trek”

मेरी खिड़की

मेरे मन में ख़याल आता है कि अरे! मैं रंगों को छू सकता हूँ। मारे ख़ुशी के मैं सारे कपड़े उतार देता हूँ और अपने पूरे शरीर पर रंगों की धारियाँ को छूने लगता हूँ। मेरा रोम रोम सात रंगो की धारियों से भरा पड़ा है। मैं समझ नहीं पाता कि मैंने रंगों को ओढ़ लिया है या मैं खुद रंगों से बना हूँ। 

Bhanara – A village of Shepherds

I have travelled for years in the Himalayas to explore places that are still far from the eyeballs of mainstream tourists and tour agencies. Spots that are closer to nature and still hold peace and tranquillity. During one such trip, I came across this shepherd village of Kullu Manali called BHANARA where no tourist had reached before.

Kareri Village – A nest of Humans

There are hundreds of places that haven’t seen crowds or noise yet. These places are as beautiful as Manali, Mcleodganj, Kasol, Mussourie used to be decades ago. Move away from the highway and travel on unexplored roads. These roads lead you to the hidden paradise of mountains.

Hampta Pass Trek

People say our acts should lead us to heaven when we die. I believe we should act in a way that we see heaven while we live. This trek is one of those acts. Join me to see paradise with your eyes.


इस success के बारे में इतना सुन चुका था कि मैंने भी ठान ली, एक दिन success को पाकर ही रहूँगा और तब सारे सवाल सक्सेस से पूछूँगा। मैंने सवालों के सिलसिले को थामा और लग गया कमाने में, सक्सेस को पाने में।

Shali Tibba – A Peak hanging from the sky

Nature gifted humans all the powers but to fly. We can run like tigers, climb on trees like monkeys, swim like fishes, evolve like apes but we cannot fly. Humans held a desire since his origin to rise above and watch the beautiful earth from the top. We even sometimes curse nature for depriving usContinue reading “Shali Tibba – A Peak hanging from the sky”

Barot Village

A hidden gem of Himachal – Barot If you are reading about Barot, you would have already covered most of the popular places of Himachal Pradesh and got bored with all those commercialized, crowded hill stations. Yes, that is how I found Barot. After traveling to Manali, McLeodganj, Dalhousie, Kasol, Chail, Kasauli, and almost everyContinue reading “Barot Village”

Pari Tibba (A haunted hill)

If you need more information about Pari tibba or have questions about this place, feel free to contact me on my instagram account : Himalayandrives AND read more of my travel blogs to explore hidden villages of Himalayas which are still unexplored. Tap on Travel India page of my website. Continue reading & explore theContinue reading “Pari Tibba (A haunted hill)”